Five Star Charts is a perfect tool for swing traders, medium-term investors, and long-term investors

Swing Traders

Swing Traders are short-term traders and their investment horizon typically last 2 days to 2 weeks but normally won’t last more than 1 month. Swing Trader can use our charts to look for PMO crossing signal from the bottom or near the zero line to enter their positions. Normally, we can see above average OBV volume with PMO crossing signal. Swing Traders can find trading ideas from US and Canada small caps/large caps portfolio, Watch-list, Opened positions and Premium members portfolio. Swing Traders must apply stop loss rule on their investment due to short time horizon.

Medium-Term Investors

Medium Term Investors are focusing on 1 months to 6 months investment horizon. Five Star Charts Opened Position is exclusively designed for Medium Term Investors. We don’t close out our positions due to short-term volatility, but we like to invest in more upside potential in a larger picture. So, if you experience small loss on Opened Positions, there is no need to worry too much because our success ratio is over 90%. Medium Term Investors should create a diversified portfolio which means no more than ONE position exceeds over 5% of your total asset allocation. If some stocks went up too fast, you should reduce your position and rebalancing. Medium Term Investors can find trading ideas from TOP Country ETFs Watch-list, Opened positions and Premium members portfolio. Medium Term Investors can set stop loss, but the Stop loss is a Fib ratio of 61.8% from the last move.

Long-Term Investors

Long-Term Investors has an investment time frame much longer and normally over 6 months to few years. Personally, I don’t recommend anyone using this strategy unless you only invest in conservative multinational large-cap stocks. A lot of Long Terms Investors are incoming seeking investors, but growth stock oriented investors. Our High Income portfolio and Country ETFs/Index ETFs/US and Canada Large Caps Portfolio could be the best choice.